Hi, I'm Taryn!

I'm a certified professional coach! And for so many years, I struggled with work life balance. I loved my work but I was frustrated with how much it disrupted my life, interfered with my marriage, and kept me from pursuing my personal life goals, like traveling, writing, and making great memories with friends. Now that I've found a whole life balance I love, I'm eager to help others do the same!

What does it mean to have whole life balance?

Whole life balance is the next evolution of work life balance. It takes the concept of balance beyond the fundamentals of managing workload and acknowledges that a truly balanced life makes room for everything that’s important to you RIGHT NOW rather than at some ambiguous point “one day.”


For me, whole life balance means having an HR career I love, my coaching business, and pursuing a writing career all at once, while still focusing on my health. It means having a strong marriage but also leaving my husband behind, periodically, to achieve my individual passion for travel.


Now it’s your turn:


  • What would you add into your life if only you had more time?
  • What are your “one day” dreams that you keep putting off?
  • How would your life feel different if you weren’t overwhelmed by work obligations?
  • How would your relationships, health, or other passions thrive if you had more balance in your life?

If you can’t answer those questions or you can answer them but you’re not sure how to make the life you want a reality, coaching may be the solution you’re looking for!

How Coaching Changed My Life

I want to change the world. Yep, that’s a big statement but it’s been right there on my bucket list wall (yes, I have a bucket list wall) for years. But for so long, I didn’t know how. Every few months, I’d go into this sad, miserable place of not knowing my place in the world, the impact that I was supposed to have, or what I was really meant to be doing.


I loved my career, but it consumed my life and everything else I wanted outside of it felt so far away. It felt like I was missing a pivotal part of who I was. This lack of balance not only caused strains in my marriage, my health, and my personal goals, it started to impact how fulfilled I was by my work. The problem was, I couldn’t see this at the time. All I knew was that I was working too many hours and I didn’t know how to change that.


Through coaching, I became more aware of how dramatically my burnout was affecting me and quickly started learning new ways of approaching the situation to start freeing up some time.


When I started learning how to coach others, it was like coming home to the place I’d always belonged. I felt fulfilled, excited, and I had renewed energy to dedicate time to all the other areas of my life. Having that renewed energy made me eager to give others the same gift – because that’s what true balance does. It frees up our mental, emotional, and physical energy to help us pursue what we love.


That freedom and joy has an amazing ripple effect that has a positive influence on everything in our lives. Interested in discussing further?

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